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Korora is by far the best linux distribution I have ever tried. Since I migrated from OS X I have been trying a lot of distributions and decided to stick with Korora Linux. This text will change within time as I’m discovering and changing things to fits my needs.

Organizing icons into folders on Gnome Shell applications

Korora comes by default with a lot of apps pre-installed. At the time I write this I’m using the Korora 21 and Gnome 3.14; Gnome Software has evolved a lot and Fedora has made a good job on it: the apps are classified, categorized, featured, etc. If you don’t want any pre-installed software, like the useless ‘Gwibber’, you can remove it through Software. Also, an other useful thing is you can organize related apps into folders on Gnome Shell applications’ menu.

Open the Gnome Software and click on “Installed” tab, then click at the top right tick to select the apps you want to stick together.

Gnome Software Selection Tick

After selecting related apps click on “Add to Folder” on bottom left.

Gnome Software Add To Folder

Then you can add the selected apps to a existing folder o create a new one.

Gnome Shell Apps Folder

Gnome Files clickable paths

By default Korora brings the Gnome Files’ path writable. I do not like this behavior.

Gnome Shell Apps Folder

To have clickable paths you just need to open the “dconf Editor”, go to org > gnome > nautilus > preferences > and untick the ‘always-use-location-entry’

Gnome Shell Apps Folder

And if you want a writable path again just hit CRTL + L.

Add Printer/Scan

I have the Epson L355, a wireless all-in-one printer/scanner. You can download the printer driver at Epson driver and software. You do not need the scanner driver. It’s a good idea to configure a static ip address for the printer within the router DHCP.

Gnome Add New Printer

Wireless scanner

I took time to figure this out. I even needed the scanner drive to have the scanner working through wireless. Just go to /etc/sane.d/epson2.conf and comment the ‘usb’ and ‘net autodiscovery’ lines and uncomment the ‘net <ip_address>’, changing <ip_address> for your scanner ip.


#net autodiscovery


Font Improvements

This text is a work in progress.


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